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A Design-first Agency

What does that mean? It means that we never use templates. All of our design solutions begin with brand research and all of our design is catered to enhance and work with the brand at hand. It means we are always exploring the new, never repeating our steps, always innovating user interactions, conversion flows and creative storytelling.

We help companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.


KITA believe in the importance of well-defined strategy. To deliver only the best result, we delves into research and thoughtfully craft a strategy tailored for your needs.

  • Research
  • Concept Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Project Planning


KITA strive for delivering ideas with originality which innovative. With passion and dedication, we can bring a solution with extraordinary yet efficient.

  • User Experience
  • Art Direction & Design
  • Content Creation
  • Multimedia Production

  • 3D & Animation


KITA looking for improvement based on the latest technology and market needs. We believe everyone deserves the best experience, convenience, and comfort with our products.

  • Prototyping
  • Front & Back-end
  • Cross-Platform
  • iOS & Android
  • Content Management


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We believe direct collaboration with our clients is essential to bringing unique and engaging experiences to life. We help our clients solve business problems, increase visibility and achieve unexpected results.

We wanted a “friendly” website, one that could be “comprehended” immediately and easily by the “visitor”. While, at the same time, it also had to convey the reassurance of the years of professional experience that support the training we offer”


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We’re passionate about innovation, brilliant ideas and the execution that brings it all together in one beautiful experience. If you are too, call or send us an email to get started.

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